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Picture this, you like someone. So much. You like this person a hell of a lot, but you know deep down that they’re toxic for you. Still, you don’t care because there’s always that chance that someday they’ll turn around and be the daydream version that you always hoped they’d be. You definitely find this person physically attractive, but you’re not so sure about mentally. This person can be dark, negative, but that ok right? Because sometimes people are just like that and it’s fun to mix it up, personality wise, so you still stick around. But what really bothers you is that if you found a song that you really liked, and they really liked, you back down because it makes you nervous to like the same music as them. That’s such a small pathetic problem but what does it mean? Music means everything to you, when you like a song, it becomes part of your life. Overall, why do we stick around the people we know we can’t have, we know will only leave us hurting and heartbroken. I really don’t know I just wanted to put this somewhere other than the notes on my phone.

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